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SRI LANKA Could be the new and affordable, mellow Hawaii!! Amazing lesser known setups, reefs and points that are tucked into bays and beaches.  Waves even beginners can enjoy! It is AMAZING all year-round, personalize your holidays with us here at True Blue Surf and Travel! holidays and adventurers for couples, families, surfers, yogis and more... [...]


The journey is part of the ride! Sri Lanka is amazing.......and we know where and how. Heading down the West coast. Taking in all the sites, styles and swells, everything is so unique and special. there is so much to see, do and taste! What more of a reason do you need to experience this [...]


With over 10 years experience in surf charters, Dreamweaver offers quality, affordable surfing charters & tours, from Bali to Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, & Sumbawa. Dreamweaver is an Australian owned, 80ft traditional Indonesian Jukung and was designed specifically for surf charters. Dreamweaver has undergone major renovations and improvements to make her one of the best value [...]

True Blue Swell Chase

The True Blue Crew and some of SAs top big Wave surfers and pro surfers chase a swell to a secret location in SA.    Paddle in Barrels at a legendary left point, then BIG Tow waves at a mysto heaving right hander and  also at an offshore outer bombie.  3 Jetskis, a safety boat, some [...]

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Mission Swell Chaser’s Stealth mission into the heart of Africa scores raw diamands & hidden perfection!

Watch this space, as more pictures get added below and you see empty left hand perfection reeling down a deserted point, which you could be riding! Close to home, short flight, best barrels of your life.. Stealth exploration Swell Chaser Mission #2 to new hidden treasure in the heart of Africa, scores frieight train barrels [...]

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Swell Chaser Mission #2 scores epic hidden treasures & heaving barrels of joy!

The boys returned on Sat. from Swell Chaser Mission #2. A Secret barrelling paradise not that far from home and they scored huge..Shhhht! "The longest barrels of my life," was the tagline from most of them on the Swell Chaser Mission #2 Make sure you join the Swell Chaser group, to get notified of the next [...]

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1ST MISSION: Swell Chaser group returns & tells of perfection!

Our first ever Trial Mission, to chase and score a swell in another country worked a treat! Rory Barrelled off his pip With dudes flying over for a swell in LAKEY PEAK Sumbawa, I cut my honeymoon a little & flew in from Bali to meet them. We scored 8 days of 4 to 8 [...]

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Swell Chaser Mission#1 Scores perfect, flawless barrels in Sumbawa!

Swell Chaser Mission #1 scores flawless perfect barrels in Indo. The first ever Swell Chaser Mission that launched on the 20th of May, has been scoring flawless waves @Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia since there arrival a week ago..First 4-6ft and perfect and over the last three days..6-8ft flawless barrels! Rory Heard one of the lucky [...]

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Swell Chaser Mission 1.-Goes Green Light!

First Swell Chaser Mission heads out to Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, in the deepest heart of Indonesia, as the first small elite Swell Chaser Task Force prepare themselves for pumping 6-8ft barrels! Prepare for the update and some insane photo's from the first couple days of the pumping swell, as Swell Chaser Mission 1, scores pefect [...]

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Swell Chasers Ready to Launch

TWIGGY Baker, Jason RIBBINK, Carlos BURLE, Chris BERTISH have all travelled with True Blue Surf Travel. These guys often only GO when they KNOW! Twiggy scored G-Land with us, Jason shot off to Waimea Bay, Carlos came in for the Red Bull and Chris shot off for G-Land, Mavericks & Hawaii in the past 2 [...]

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