Surf Charters

As surfers, the Bertish Brothers have travelled this world & surfed many amazing places. We were in the Mentawai’s again last year. I personally visited 7 different boats and 5 different Resorts on my trip.
Many are NOT what they used to be, and the crowd factor has changed in certain areas. Its SUPER IMPORTANT that you charter the right boat or stay at the right Resorts.

In choosing a Charter boat, it is as important or more so that you look at the skipper of that boat. We work with only the best skippers and boats, that we have tried and tested and sent many clients on. This ensures the best trips, service and waves for your group. Don’t just book any boat, the cheapest or the most fancy….. always know about the boat and the skippers history… thats where we come in.

Our site has been put together with the sole purpose of allowing you to easily find the best waves and charters around the globe. We only sell destinations and surf trips that we have researched, explored, experienced and SURFED ourselves. We offer our unbiased and objective info and experience, and we negotiate bulk deals and discounts from charter boats which often allows us to offer better prices and deals than if you book direct with them.
When booking with us you are ensured that you have comebacks and guarentees of service and commitment from one of the worlds most recognised Surf Travel Companies.

Make the call, take the ride!

Greg Bertish & the True Blue Team
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