About Indonesia


Indo remains the perfect place for a surf adventure. It’s cheap, friendly, and filled with the world’s best surf. We offer a series of specials that include yacht and land-based options. With a variety of waves, Indonesia caters for the beginner – surf schools offered at Kuta Beach in Bali – to the advanced – Mentawais.

True Blue Surf Travel sends hundreds of clients every year and every year we get the same response – AWESOME! Indonesia is definitely one of those destinations that you will return to over and over again. With so much to explore and so many waves to surf, you would never fit all of it into one trip. Let True Blue customize a surf holiday for you. Depending on where in Indonesia you travel, this destination is suitable for the family, you and your girl, you and your mates or just you! Bali, Lombok, Lembongan, Sumbawa, Sumba, Jarva, G- Land, Sumatra, and more.


The ultimate surfer’s paradise: Thousands of islands are out there waiting for you.


Capital: Jakarta

Language: Bahasa Indonesian and some English in parts.

Currency: Indonesian Rupiah

Climate: Tropical weather

Best Time to Travel: April until the end of October for least rain and heat- But it’s an all year-round destination. Best surf: April to Oct ( but surf all year in parts)

Health: Visit a Travel Clinic or your Doctor for more details before you travel

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance (Please ask a consultant for a copy of the policy we recommend)

Visa: Visas are required for South African passport holders. Visas can be obtained upon arrival in Indonesia or you can apply for it beforehand through True Blue Travel.

Favourite Areas

  • Banyak Islands

  • G-land

  • West Java

  • Lombok

  • Mentawai Islands

  • Nais

  • North Sumatra

  • Nusa Lembongan

  • Rote Island West Timor

  • South Sumatra

  • Sumba Island

  • Sumbawa

  • Telo Islands