About Transkei

When driving towards the Transkei, it almost seems as if you are entering another Country. Whereas en route to Transkei you will travel through towns and cities much like any other in SA, when you get there these bastions of civilization are few and far between, with miles and miles of lush, unspoiled greenfields and countless aloes lining the hills and valleys of this beautiful area instead. Transkei retains a sense of difference and otherness, despite its reintegration into South Africa. Still dotted here and therewith traditional Xhosa rondavel kraals perched precariously on the slopes of the perpetually misty mountains and herdsman still to be seen watching the herds of cattle that symbolize wealth here, the Transkei can seem like a land lost in time!

Surf Information

The Transkei is Swell Tours’ main destination for a good reason! For the surf adventurer out there who is searching for un-crowded waves in rugged, unspoiled surroundings we offer the Transkei as an attractive destination. situated between KZN and the Eastern Cape, the Transkei is one of South Africa’s last untapped resources when it comes to surf travel. Transkei is for those who wish to escape from the cities and crowds and go exploring the many secluded coves, bays, and points for good, quality surf! For more information on the best waves contact the Surf Travel Guru –