The Philippines consists of 7107 islands. Most of the islands are very small. Many of these small islands as well as the bigger islands have a lot to offer to tourists. There are many possibilities for typical “sun, sea and beach holidays” and for specific adventure holidays. You can even meet the whale sharks and swim close to them. For tourists who want to discover geographically interesting landscapes or who want to meet mountain tribes, the Philippines has it all!


The Philipines are a good place to surf but the waves are fickle, get lucky and its great, plan to be here for some time as it is often flat. The Philippines gets good during it’s monsoon season That is; October to January.

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Capital: Manila

Language: English, Filipino

Currency: Peso

Climate: The Philippines has a tropical maritime climate and is usually hot and humid.

Best time to travel: For most areas of the Philippines, the best time to visit may be December to May. However, you should keep in mind that seasons do not always follow the standard pattern. Not only can the start and end of the rainy season vary from year to year, but different regions of the Philippines can experience different seasonal patterns.

Health: Visit a travel clinic for all details before you travel. The only vaccine required by international regulations is yellow fever. Proof of vaccination will only be required if you have visited a country in the yellow-fever zone within the six days prior to entering Southeast Asia.

Visa: Visa regulations in the Philippines are subject to change so be sure to check with a Philippine embassy or consulate before making your travel plans.