About Morocco

Morocco, a land of diversity – surf and ski within a day and all in the desert! Not frequented often by South Africans, Morocco is one of the most upcoming surf destinations on the planet. If you are searching for uncrowded solid waves, book your trip to Morocco now!

Not just a surf destination, Morocco is a place to explore the culture, cuisine and a completely different way of life.


Spot X’s: Yep there are loads and we know them all, so if uncrowded waves are your thing book with us now! For more information on the best waves contact the Surf Travel Guru –


Capital: Rabat

Visas: SA PASSPORT HOLDERS DO REQUIRE A VISA. Most nationalities including those from the US, Canada, and the UK do not need a visa to enter Morocco as a tourist. If your nationality is not on the following list, then you should contact a Moroccan Embassy and apply for a visa.

Language: Arabic, Berber, and French. English is increasingly spoken by young people especially in tourist areas

Currency: The Moroccan unit of currency is the dirham which is divided into 100 centimes. There are ATM’s throughout Morocco in all of the major cities and most towns. Credit cards are accepted at most of the higher end hotels, restaurants and shops. You can change money and traveller checks at all major banks, bureau de change and some hotels.

Climate: Semi desert to desert landscapes. It is cooler in north, and hot in the south. Hot months are June to August; Spring is April to May; Winter is October to March.

Best time to travel: It is year round. Best temperatures are in October to March, when it is cooler, but still very pleasant and popular with many Europeans getting away from winter up north. During the winter months, from November to March, it can get quite cold and rainy especially in the Atlas mountains BUT this is SWELL and WAVE SEASON!

Health: The climate and general conditions of Morocco shouldn’t pose a risk to most healthy people. The Atlantic Coast, however, will pose a problem for asthma sufferers, people with rheumatism and people who have liver problems. Buying food from street vendors carries some degree of risk and tap water should not be drunk. There is plenty of bottled water available throughout the country.

Immunizations: No vaccinations are required by law to enter Morocco but Typhoid and Hepatitis A are two vaccinations that are strongly recommended. It is also a good idea to be up to date with your polio and tetanus vaccines.

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance (Please ask consultants for a copy of the policy we recommend)

Places to go: Tarhazoute