About Madagascar

True Blue Surf Travel have been leaders in surf travel to Madagascar. No other surf tour operator has ventured into this unknown country but we have been there and explored the area for the last 8 years.
With our exclusivity and knowledge, you will get all the information and photos from all our personal experiences.


The South West Coast of Madagascar is riddled with perfect reef and point set ups. What has kept these waves secret and mostly unridden, is the harsh coastline and the fact that the waves break mostly on the off shore reefs, often more than 2 kilometers out to sea. True Blue have been pioneers here, scouting these reefs by catamaran in the late 1990’s and helping set up the first commercial charter operation in the Tulear area. Since then a Resort has been established which makes life and getting to surf easier; by utilising motorised surf cruisers and local guides to waves.

Generally there is no wind every morning, and then it may blow cross-shore later or may stay glassy. There are almost no local surfers and only the occasional feral surfer or yachts passing by. The surf is very hard to get to and hiring boats and buying fuel are super expensive plus the tide and wind play a big part. That is why a local guide and good boat is 100% necessary to catch the waves when and where they are happening.

So enjoy this new and amazing adventure and take along good vibes and positive thoughts to this land of untamed spirits and untouched surf.

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Capital: Antananarivo

Language: Malagasy & French (only a little English spoken)

Currency: Airy Airy and Euro

Climate: It is hot with sub tropical weather. From December to March it’s summer which is also known as the hurricane season. From April to October it is winter, which is dry and the temperatures are mild.

Best time to travel: With Monsoon time from December through to March the best time to travel to Madagascar is generally in February to December. Madagascar has two seasons: a hot, rainy season from November to April; and dry season with a cooler temperature from May to October.  .

Surf: Best from April to Oct & pretty much all year in the Fort Dauphin Area

Health: Visit a travel clinic for all details before you travel. Malaria is prevalent in most areas. Drink only bottled water and it is essential take travel insurance and a medical kit

Visa: Visas must be applied for before arrival by many nationalities. There is an option to obtain them upon arrival for certain nationalities, incl. RSA citizens. But it can be tricky and you may be bribed or have to wait in long ques.

Favourite Places

  • Fort Dauphin

  • Ifaty

  • South West Coast

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