Travel Insurance

Many Credit Cards offer Travel and Medical insurance, when you purchase your tickets using them. That is Great and can be a help in a Travel/ Medical situation.

Please note: Most CC insurance will require you to still pay for any mishaps and costs while on holiday-then you have to try to claim this back when you return.

Always check WHAT exactly this insurance covers? Key elements are: Emergency evacuation cover, Dread diseases cover ( Malaria), Travel delays, extreme sports ( surfing on coral reefs, motorbike or scooter, snowboarding etc.), and most importantly does it cover you IF you damage yourself before you go on holiday, and therefore cannot travel? So take it out when you book and pay for your ticket or Trip, as should you have to cancel your trip within a month or 2 of departure, many operators will not refund you any of your money. This is where the travel insurance steps in and can help towards claiming money back.

Through experience we have found that Specific Travel insurance (specially for SURF, DIVE, ISLAND & Adventure trips) is something you should take out when you book and pay for your trip. Many cover the above fundamentals and most importantly it will cover/ help you, should you not be able to travel due to a personal or medical situation before your travel date. ( eg . Broken leg, sickness, death in family etc.)
It can also be beneficial in that if you follow the process and contact the Travel Insurer at time of incident, they will be able to cover the costs of the incident/ claim while you are actually there. ( no need to pay yourself)

Please note- this is our recommendation, and we offer a few Very GOOD options with service providers who have covered and paid out for our clients before. It is your responsibility to read thru and choose an option and supplier that best suits you and to then follow all procedures when claiming. There are no guarantees of getting all/ some of your money back, but the chances with proper insurance are MUCH better than without it.

Please chat to us for further info and to get the best options and insurance.