Bali Travels

Good morning Sue and Greg This has taken embarrassingly long to reply… Thanks, we had an AMAZING trip!!! I found Bali to be a complete sensory overload, in the best possible way. The roads and traffic were hectic, yet no agro. The people were amazing, friendly and helpful. The food was fantastic and even with [...]

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[TESTIMONIAL] Surf Adventures

“Moose and his team were professional, organized and attentive. The boat was more comfortable than we anticipated. The food was a highlight and better than expected. We found that we didn’t need to take so much extra food and things like extra Coffee or soy sauce weren’t necessary. Having had a look at the other [...]

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Welcome Home

09/08/13 Hi Greg , Candice and True Blue Travel, Big thank you from my side. The waves exceeded all of our expectations. We got really lucky and I rode some waves I'll never forget. Prevailing winds favoured the rights, so all the Lohi's and Pasta point guys crowded out Jails and Sultans. (but that's just [...]

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Welcome Home from A Frame Lodge !

22 July 2013 Subject: RE: Welcome Home from A- Frame Lodge ! Amazing! Location, facilities, set up and daily routine was ideal for a trip with a bunch of guys. Staff super friendly and highly knowledgeable. The surf guides were very clued up. The wave out front was worth the trip in itself. The trip was [...]

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Bali style in December

Bali Style in December Thanks True Blue Travel! “Keramas Resort” was epic. For sure not your typical indo warung, definitely a few steps up the luxury ladder. The staff were super friendly and helpful, food was good and sipping on an ice cold Bintang in the pool after your surf while watching the waves was an [...]

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Magic times in Madagascar

04 April 2013 Hi Candice and Greg Thanks again True Blue Travel for organizing my Holiday to Fort Dauphin. I had an amazing time and scored awesome surf. The experience with the lima's was unforgetable I would be happy to give a testimonial to anyone who would want it. I have attached some pics for [...]

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