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With a wave rich coastline that stretches from Namibia on the west, all the way round to Mozambique on the east, South Africa has some of the best and most uncrowded surf and kiting in the world. True Blue can assist with surf guides, tours, accommodation, flights, car hire and DIY kite missions. We can offer you houses, lodges, self catering, backpackers and hotels along the whole Southern African coast.
Since we live here, have offices and agents in Cape Town,Durban and Johannesburg, and because we have personally traveled to, visited and kited these spots, we will guarantee you the best set ups and stays.
From the more well known kite areas on the east coast, like Jefferies Bay (J-Bay), Cape St Francis. Southern spots near Cape Town. Such as
Crayfish factory and Misty Cliffs, Blouberg, Table View, Doodles, Kite Beach, Dolphin Beach, Sunset, Milnerton, Karmers, Elands Bay and Langebaan lagoon. The wild coast, southern natal, transkei and the Durban Bluff and beaches.

Know when to go; where to stay; when to kite; where the secret spots are and how to find the best waves and wind in the area on any given day. Chat to us and let us set you up with what ever you need.

Kitesurfing information

Whilst strong winds are an irritation to some, kite surfers spend their days in anticipation of strong, consistent wind conditions. Kite surfing is a relatively new sport in South Africa, but technologies brought in from overseas have helped South Africa quickly rise to a leading destination for kite surfing enthusiasts.

Cape Town has fantastic seas and strong enough winds for kite surfing. Cape Sports Centre is located on safe shores that it a kite boarder’s dream. Here you will find clean and consistent winds with fantastic waters which make this destination South Africa’s premier kite surfing destination and leading kite surfing school.

Essentially a combination of the technologies used in paragliding and wake boarding, kite surfing involves using the power of the wind, to pull you across the water’s surface with a wakeboard of sorts, strapped to your feet. Perfect timing and speed combined, allows professionals to leap hundreds of metres at a time with the right wind conditions. Kite surfing in South Africa offers fun adventures and breath-taking rides. Whilst it takes a bit of practice and co-ordination to steer your kite and guide your board, kite surfing is a brilliant way to make the most of windy day. The South African coastline offers an abundance of fantastic stretches of water and plenty of wind, perfect for kite surfing.

South Africa boasts fantastic seas and perfect weather for kite surfing. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you glide across the awesome seas and experience a truly exhilarating and breathe-taking ride.  

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