Surf Lakey Peak

Surf Lakey Peak

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All you need to know about surfing Lakey Peak from an insiders perspective ,read on for some tips,tricks and more!

Written by SurfTravelGuru :

“Its almost as if time stood still. I was in the Huu area in southeast Sumbawa almost 12 years ago for the first time. Now in 09 I found my way back to see if the waves, the crowds and lay of the land was any different.
It was not. The same small lodges were where I had left them and some new ones replaced older ones that lay un used and in ruins. The waves cracked on the reef as they had done back in ’97, and the crowd ebbed and flowed from full to empty just like it had many years ago. No new luxury surf camps, no high speed charter boats, no high rise hotels, no more surfers, no different anything.
The Bintangs were Rp 5,000 (R5) more, but just as cold and tasty. The Tempe Burgers just as tasty as I remembered. The barrels as round. The crowds as busy on the peak in the am as it always was, but just as uncrowded at lunchtime. The Pipe held the wind and was my stock wave, offering gaping barrels and few takers for much of the day. Periscopes was still crowded but worth every minute and Nungas – oh Nungas, baby!
My little secret wave I found all those years ago still nestles in its boulder strewn bay, still sucking, ledgy and perfect just off the high. Still greeting me each morning by throwing empty barrels across its beautiful coral point.
Sumbawa my friends, is still so Bagus!”


LAKEY PEAK – The beautiful A- frame peak that we all dream of. Yes this is it, and its hollow and perfect and pretty darn heavy on the low. Big Barrels and world class.

LAKEY PIPE – Amazing left point/ reef that goes inside out and COOKs! Holds the winds better, is way less crowded and will dish out very deep and long barrels if you want them.

NUNGAS – World class , long left point break. 3 sections with lots of room to move. Way less crowded than most waves as its got a bit of a paddle to it. Hold big swells and dishes Out long walls and nice barrel sections. A quality and not so crowded wave for sure.

PERISCOPES – The Famed right hand point. Yes, its that good! Long, very hollow with amazing bashable sections to boot! Gets super crowded BUT can be surfed early or when the on shore comes up and the crowds seem to disappear.

COBBLE STONES RIGHT – FUN rippable right hander. Great for beginners and rippers a like. Uncrowded and great fun.

BOULDERS – A semi secret left that keeps on giving…… BIG Barrels that is. Experienced surfers only! Long walls, no crowds and with a FAT barrel thrown in. Get the tide right and you will score!
THE VILLAGE – Very good/ fun right and left peaks. Un crowded and very good value in the mornings before the winds.

LITTLE BAY LEFTS – Not far from the village and a little bit of a rough road away is this really technical and fun left reef – mid tide/ no wind – YA!

SECRET POINT NO.1 – New discoveries that are so uncrowded and that cook. These 2 points are long, fun, and quality and are worth the trip alone.


From Bali, by ferry or by plane.
Ferry and road
Plane and road

Yes it can be at the Lodge or if “she” is happy to chill and go with the flow.
It is Muslim so ladies are gawked at a little outside of the Camps.

April till Oct (May – Aug best for swell and wind)

The Peak and Periscopes can be very busy; BUT surf them at Lunch time or when it’s a bit onshore and you may surf it alone! ( its still good on shore). All The other waves in the area can go from Busy to totally empty.

Japenese caves from WW2
The Village
The surrounds
The Chilled life

Visa – Indo Visa needed and available on arrival in Bali $35
Scooters – you can get lifts to breaks in the area with the Scooter boys one way to Periscopes Or Rent your own and explore the coast
Food – Mmmmm its good. Fatma’s Hand serves amazing chow
Not much there, so take what you need.
Ideally a fun board or fish + a nice 6.3 to 6.5 and then something for the bigger days 6.6 – 7.2
Not much around, so take a full medical kit. Local Doctor in town, but it may not be Pretty.
It is a Malaria area- but not super high risk


Check out the video below and ride 8ft Nangas with Greg Bertish :



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