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Ericeira itself is a charming little town with whitewashed houses, accented with painted frames, lining narrow streets. Ericeira is also ideally located halfway between Peniche to the north and Lisbon to the south, both less than a one hour drive. Avisit to the Portuguese capital is a must. Other primer sightseeing in the area include the Mafra Palace and Sintra. Modelled after the famous El Escorial in Madrid, Mafra Palace is an architectural work of extraordinary grandeur and majesty built in the 18th Century by King Joao V. Portugal’s largest building, the project was so big that a small town was built just to house the workers! The palace houses over 800 rooms rooms looking out onto the gardens through some 4,500 doorways and windows.

Further south towards Lisbon, the resort town of Sintra shelters inland at the foot of the Serra da Sintra and was long favoured by the Portuguese Royalty and the English aristocracy as a summer destination. The small town is located in a thickly wooded setting, with lush gardens, old palaces and villas with a ramshackle glamour. This stylish and romantic architectural complex is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to the medieaval town Peniche, north of Ericeira, is also well worth your time, more so for being another reputed surf spot.