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Le Morne, in the southern part of the island, at the foot of Mauritius’ famous Brabant Mountain, offers everything windsurfers and kite surfers could wish for. It would be hard to imagine a better location for a surf centre: a white sandy beach, turquoise lagoon, and shallow water. You can launch your board directly in front of the Club Mistral centre itself with a side shore wind from the left. The entire lagoon is bordered by a reef, located about 600 meters offshore. Inside the lagoon, there is plenty of space to blast away and practice your gybes and water starts. Beyond the lagoon, two wave spots beckon: “Manawa” and “One-Eye”, with the latter being suitable for experts only. Wave freaks and freestylers are offered an excellent run for their money at this spot, and novices, too, can make their first attempts at wave riding.

The upwind kite zone offers knee-deep water and plenty of space for beginners. Advanced kite surfers can also enjoy the spot in front of the centre. The seasons in the southern hemisphere are the opposite of the northern. Winter in Mauritius is from June to September; this is when the trade winds are at their best, but even in the remaining months of the year, the trade winds still offer windsurfers excellent conditions. Generally, the trade wind blows from east to southeast. From December to April, relatively heavy rain showers can be expected, which soon blow over.

With almost 300 days of wind per year, what other destination can compete with Mauritius? It would be almost a shame to spend all one’s time on Mauritius windsurfing or kite surfing. After all, the cultural influences in Mauritius are just as diverse as the composition of its population, and you should definitely also take time to explore the delightful countryside and fascinating culture.