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The dry and baron west coast of Madagascar is a beautiful, yet a daunting place. The ocean is warm and clear, with all the surf here, breaking on off- shore coral reefs. Ifaty is about an hours drive north of Tulear, and is located on a large lagoon like expanse of water protected by the outer fringe reefs.

The mornings are generally tranquil and calm, with a hint of an off shore wind. This is when the surf is at its best. Surf early because 60% of the time the afternoon cross/ on shore will blow from about noon onwards. All waves are coral reef passes and are about 3 km out to sea (no you cant paddle!). There are 3 world class waves here: A cooking right and left off the main pass. Both waves pick up allot of swell and can absolutely cook in the right conditions. Watch the rip! It is best to surf over a changing tide but rather on the outgoing tide as it makes your paddle outs alot easier. The wave at South pass is a right, and is longer and even better. For all of this coast, you need to take your own crew of mates, or you will surf alone. It’s along way out, so you need to hire a local dive boat or fishing pirogue and skipper – ideally with an engine because sail takes too long. Dive boats are faster but super expensive. It is important to take lots of water, food and sun protection, as you will be out in the middle of nowhere. Go and explore!

On the land, the beautiful beach is palm and tree lined, and offers a few rustic and one or two more fancy hotel or lodge type options. Ifaty offers awesome snorkelling on the outer reefs and closer to shore at high tide. The fishing is very good in the right seasons but take all your own equipment as there is nothing there!