Fort Dauphin

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Fort Dauphin is situated in the south-eastern corner of Madagascar. The southern coast of the world’s fourth-largest island is splendid and mostly arid, a little bit like a Karoo-by-the-sea. BUT this little haven by the sea and lined by mountains and white sand beaches is lush and rich and beautiful. There has been very little tourism in this part of Madagascar and lucky for us surfers, there are waves galore making for this little corner of Madagascar a piece of heaven – warm water, palm-fringed beaches and uncrowded cooking surf.

Lots more to do and see in this special place; Lemurs and nature reserves, mountains and hiking, waterway tours, white sand beaches, kite and wind surfing, awesome cuisine and some tasty 3 Horses Beer and Madagascan Rhum to end your day.

Surf season is from April till end September but the area is still a great alternative for travel and surf during other months of the year and warm water and fun waves can still be had and found .


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