A-Frame’s Lodge

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A-Frame’s lodge is fitted with 3 traditional Bungalows and a Main Building equipped with a full kitchen, bathroom, lounge area, dining tables and a bar. Set on a lush backdrop of mountainous jungle and gardens with the cooking A-Frame Reef out the front, you can enjoy winding down in your bungalow hammock watching the amazing sunsets after a long days surf with no crowds. With over 10 secret spots and outer islands, the lodges surf guides will have you jumping out of your skin when showing you around this oceanic playground. There are plenty of activities to do other than surfing on this pristine island. Take a swim in the natural spring spas in the nearby waterfalls, go fishing or jump on a bike and head into town to check out the markets. The island is surrounded by reefs and stunning beaches which are perfect for snorkeling, exploration and swimming. All of these activities are less than an hour motorbike trip from the Lodge and lunch packs and guides can be arranged for all activities whilst staying at the Resort. Get slotted with only you & your mates, going right and left right out front your bungalow! 14 persons only. No other Resorts close by. No charter operations based in the area.


Beachies 5 min walk away, a right point around the corner by scooter, many more secret spots by fast boat just around the bay.


A Frame Lodge is equipped with many modern luxuries, including dining areas, TV & DVD and plenty of outdoor chill areas. There is a surf hut close to the beach, with perhaps the coolest chair you will ever see, so you can chill and watch the peak directly in front.

A Frame Lodge has limited internet capabilities for our guests. Simeulue has telecommunication towers which allow for full reception at Aura for mobile telephone and USB internet.

Each bungalow is equipped with fans, mosquito nets, vanity with running water, fresh towels can be arranged daily and we also offer house keeping services for the duration of your stay.


Surfing, waterfalls, fishing, snorkelling, rainforests, villages and shopping, pingpong, volleyball, soccer, island hopping, etc.


The Peak
The Peak is situated directly out the front of Aura Surf Resort. This wave holds from 2 to 10 ft+, barrels at takeoff and down the line. Up to 80m rides in both directions. Easy paddle out from beach. Swell magnet. Suitable for all levels. N-SE winds.

K-Hole / Teabags
K-Hole is located approximately 20 mins out the front by speed boat, or 45mins by traditional speed boat. Offers a world class 150m long heavy right hander which barrels the whole way. Swell magnet, 4 to 15ft+. This wave is suitable for intermediate surfers and the more experienced. Booties recommended. NW-E winds.

Dylans has a fast perfect right hand barrel and works with solid swells. 20 mins travel from Aura Surf Resort. Booties are recommended. 1 to 5ft, suitable for intermediate +. N-E winds.

Secrets is approximately 1 hrs travel from Aura Surf Resort. This wave offers world class heaving right-hand barrels. When smaller, the wave has 3 take off zones, varying in difficulty. The wave is approximately 100m long. All sections have barrels. Swell magnet, breaks from 2ft to 8ft+ Intermediate +. N-E winds.

Secrets Left
Secrets Left is across the channel from Secrets about 5 mins by boat. Secrets Left is a big heavy deep water wave that breaks for up to 200m. 5ft+. SE-NE winds.

Other Main Waves (there are more secret spots than this)

• Tou Tous – E-SE wind, 4ft+, 30 mins travel, sandy point booties not required.
• Inor – Excellent beach break, 5 mins North from Aura. N – SE wind. Offers excellent peaks and tubes. 1-4ft.
• D-BAR – 4 mins walk south from Aura, beach break, sheltered from south wind. NE – S wind. 1-6ft. Good peaks and tubes.
• Salur – 5 mins motor bike south from Aura. Has a variety of beach breaks. Good when everywhere else is too big. Approx 4kms of beach to find tubey peaks on.
• Dylans Left – across the bay from Dylans. Up to 300m long left with various take off zones. Inside section hollow. Boat access only. E-SE wind. 3-6ft. 45 mins by boat.
• South Simeulue – Has a variety of waves – 1) right reef break, 50m long. Booties required. 2) Beach Break with different options. 3) Heavy left reef break, 100m long with barrels, 4-8ft. 45 mins travel.
• Thailands – 60m long right reef break, shallow, good when everywhere is big. NW – E wind. 2 – 4 ft. Booties required. 50 mins travel.


Please contact one of our consultants for the best price. Group of 6 surfers or more  get 10% off normal price for groups.