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Nias Island lies on latitude 10 30′ north and longitude 970 98′ east. It covers an areas of 5,625 km2 which is mostly lowland area of plus minus 800 m above sea level. It is the biggest in a group of islands on this side of Sumatera that is part of the province of Sumatera Utara. This area consists of 131 islands and Nias Island is the biggest. The population in this area is about 639,675 people (including Malay, Batak, and Chinese). Nias has a very unique culture and nature which is far different from other areas in North Sumatra. This is because of its separate and remote location from the rest of Sumatra.

To reach this place, there is weekly ship from Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia) to Gunung Sitoli; There are Ferries from Sibolga to Gunung Sitoli, Teluk Dalam, or Lahewa every day; Before the crisis hit Indonesia, there is daily flight from Medan to Gunung Sitoli, however it is less frequent nowadays.

Gunung Sitoli is the capital city of Nias and it is the center of administration and business affairs of regency
Lagundri Bay, South Nias Island faces a Southerly direction and is situated 48 Nautical Miles North of the equator. Nias island is famous for the idyllic waves breaking off palm-fringed Lagundri Bay. The 2005 earthquake lifted the reef, making the wave even better – hollower and longer! The famous seven second tubes are now nine seconds! More new breaks may have been created nearby. The Earthquakes actually improved the surf at Lagundri, but destroyed nearby towns. Now the losmens on The point have been rebuilt, and thousands of surfers have returned to Nias over the last few years.