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About Reunion

French governed Reunion Island is located in the Indian Ocean just east of Madagascar. The island is literally and figuratively, a piece of France, yet the people are a mix of western and Creole. French is the spoken language, with Creole the local language spoken by all the indigenous people with very little English spoken outside the hotels and tourist areas. Little coffee shops, French bistros and restaurants dot the streets and lanes of the small island towns. An air of “island style” is mixed with European touches, architecture and cuisine and offers an overall feel of a Caribbean-like lifestyle.

There is so much more to this beautiful island than sun-drenched, reef-ringed beaches and underwater corals that are all magnificent!

The beaches are either white or black volcanic sand and also make for breathtaking contrasts and visuals. The snorkelling and scuba is amazing, the hiking and biking is popular and its flora and volcanic cliffs of the south are spectacular.

This is a little island with so much beauty and so much magnificence. We love it and love sending our friends and clients here and then hearing how amazing their holidays were. Go to Reunion, it’s FANTASTIC!


Capital: Saint Denis.
Language: French and Creole (tiny bit of English spoken).
Currency: Euro.

Climate: Hot tropical temperatures. January-March is the hottest and wettest time. Rainfall throughout the year occurs in the east and around the mountain slopes. The South West and the West is the driest part of the island.

Best Time to Travel: April until the end of October are the best months to visit.

Health: Visit a Travel Clinic or your Doctor for more details before you travel. It is a malaria free zone and water is safe for drinking. No immunizations are needed.

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance (Please ask consultant for a copy of the policy we recommend).

Visa: South African Passport holders no longer require a Visa to visit Reunion

Favourite Areas
St Gilles – CLICK HERE