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About Maldives

A popular diving destination for years, the Maldives has started attracting surfers from all around the world and has become exceptionally popular. Surfing in the clear, warm waters of the Maldives is a veritable source of enjoyment for novices and professional surfers alike.

The Maldives has beautiful unspoilt regions with white beaches, turquoise lagoons and reefs teeming with fish.


Capital: Male
Language: Dhivehi (local language) & English
Currency: US Dollars

Climate: Tropical Warm & humid. The sun shines all year. The average temperature is around 29-32 degrees Celsius

Best Time to Travel: All year, but best from April until the end of October

Health: Visit a Travel Clinic or your Doctor for more details before you travel

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance (Please ask consultant for a copy of the policy we recommend)

Visa: No visa is required for South African passport holders and most other nationalities

Main Attractions

Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
Dive with Manta Rays and turtles

March to November is considered the surfing season with most swell likely to happen over June, July and August

One can book boat charters which travel in the North Male Atoll and South Male Atoll. Some boats charter deep south where waves are uncrowded and gnarlier. Charters generally require group bookings of 8 or more however there are land options available as well.

Favourite Areas
North Male Atoll – CLICK HERE
South Male Atoll – CLICK HERE