Swell Chaser Mission #1 scores flawless perfect barrels in Indo.

The first ever Swell Chaser Mission that launched on the 20th of May, has been scoring flawless waves @Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia since there arrival a week ago..First 4-6ft and perfect and over the last three days..6-8ft flawless barrels!

Rory Heard one of the lucky one’s on this first Swell Chaser Mission claims he has had the best waves of his life, no questions asked!
Check out the gallery for a couple of the photo’s just comming in from Swell Chaser Mission #1-Sumbawa and register now on www.truebluetravel.co.za Mission Swell Chaser to make sure you get notified for the next trip.

We’ll keep you posted on the full report once the Swell Chaser Mission #1 returns this week. Stoked, sunburn & surfed out..just the way it’s meant to be.